The meaning behind us...

Mansfield 1st EPC Preschool, a mission of Mansfield 1st EPC, provides a nurturing Christian environment for your child’s first educational experience away from home. 

Our preschool provides a consistent schedule with a balance between teacher directed and child centered activities.  The children will be introduced to a variety of developmentally appropriate activities including: children’s literature, dramatic play, listening center, arts &crafts, science, discovery & nature, cooking, sensory activities, social skills development, music & singing, fine and large motor activities and early reading and math skills.

 Our preschool also utilizes developmentally appropriate activities and practices(DAP) which creates a caring community, teaches to enhance children’s development and learning, plans a curriculum that meets the needs of the children, assesses children’s development/ learning and partners with families.

We view education as a partnership between families and teachers. We believe it is essential to develop a good relationship with each child and family based on open communication and mutual respect.


For more information, feel free to browse our Parent Handbook for the upcoming year!

Parent Handbook 2023-2024

Preschool Plus Parent Handbook 2023-2024